The handmade rugs are marvelous in terms of design and artistry, so they require proper care. Rugs easily attract allergens and dust mites that get trapped in the fiber. It is important to consider the correct cleaning and care techniques to ensure that the beauty of your rug remains intact. Some tips and simple steps are:

It is recommended to vacuum the rug regularly. Since the fibers are woven and the knots are tight between them, dirt, sand and food remains tend to settle at the base of the rug. It is important to ensure that the suction attachment is used without the vacuum cleaner brush, since it can damage the rug;  the medium level of suction would be the most appropriate. Vacuuming the back of the rug occasionally will keep it free of dust and help prevent moths from staying there.

With any spillover or accident involving liquid, quickness is essential. Attempting to clean your rug with special substances, soap/shampoo or commercial carpet spray products can permanently damage your rug. Use a clean cloth or paper kitchen towels and sparkling water or plain water to eliminate the spillage instantly. Dry as much liquid as possible before it sits on the rug. For any spill that involves food, etc., scrape the solids with a plastic spatula or spoon and then wipe the wet residue with kitchen towels. It is recommended to use white paper towels or a white towel or cloth. Do not use colored paper towels to remove a liquid stain, sometimes the color passes from the towel to the rug. Never rub or brush any stain on your rug; It could damage the structure of the rug or dyes may fade.

Rugs and pets are not a good combination.  Animal urine can damage the rug causing problems such as bad odor, discoloration of dyes or rottenness. In the same way, a scratch can become irreparable.

The excessive use of water in natural fiber rugs should be avoided, as it may cause alterations in the appearance of the materials such as discoloration and/or fading of the dye or even deterioration of the fibers or fabric.

Moisture can damage the rugs, since those that are made of natural materials such as wool, silk and/or cotton, are susceptible to rot over time for this reason. Wool, in particular, is susceptible to shrinkage, so it should not be left wet for long periods.

Direct sunlight can cause permanent fading; it is recommended to keep the rug away from it. Rotate it periodically to minimize deterioration.  

Intense heat, like in front of an open fire, or drying after cleaning with heat dryers is generally harmful to rugs, since it dries the natural oils of the fibers which makes them weak and brittle.

It is recommended to clean professionally at least once every 5 years to remove the fine and deep layers of dust that routine cleaning cannot remove.  For professional cleaning service for your rug, please contact us at +52 (81) 2718 5200 / 5222.

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