From the beginning of its existence, the human being has been accompanied by art. Just as painting has been an essential part of walls and ceilings, sculpture has provided volume to expression, rugs have touched the floors with art.

From Moscow to the Vatican, from Madrid to Johannesburg, from Washington to Sao Paulo, and through the centuries, rugs have become an element that provides warmth, transforms the experience of space and animates the spirit giving it a sense of familiarity.
Contemporary designers recognize the versatility of handmade rugs from the Middle East to inject vitality even in the most modern environments.
Each rug by Artezan Rugs is personally selected, one by one, out of thousands; All are 100% handmade, handcrafted and made of natural fibers. Our ideal is the transcendence to this ancient art in the modern homes and offices of Latin America, as well as to revive the tradition of centuries to inherit rugs to other generations as the value of each piece grows with use and time.
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